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Tips For Hiring a Roofing Contractor

Roofing Contractor, Ambler, PA New roofs can be expensive, but they are worth it in the long run. Mostly, individuals wait to replace them until they absolutely must. Choosing a roofing contractor who will execute the work correctly the first time is critical. We at BeeBee Roofing & Contracting LLC understand how tough it may be to locate the perfect contractor if you don't know where to start. Here are some pointers from our professionals.

Only Work with a Licensed Contractor

It doesn't matter how inexpensive another contractor claims to be able to supply the same services. Local and state regulations bind a licensed contractor. Your project might be compromised if you choose a contractor who isn't properly licensed.

Get An Estimate

Get a couple of quotations from various roofing firms before you commit to any work. Quotes should be obligation-free and cover both the materials and the labor involved.

Check Their Experience

You should always hire an experienced roofing contractor. Their actions might have devastating consequences if they are not well-versed in the subject matter.

Communication Levels

You want to be able to reach the roofing contractor you choose quickly, and their willingness to answer your inquiries is essential. They are responsible for informing you of any issues when they arise.

Prior Experience Examples

A good roofing contractor would be happy to show you samples of prior work, including pointing out buildings they have worked on or showing images to you. This will offer you an indication of their abilities, expertise, and quality of work.

Insurance Cover

Your roofing contractor must be insured as this will safeguard you in the case of an accident during the repair process.


Always check with the local building department before starting a new roofing project. It is their job to advise you whether your contractor requires any permits.

Inquire About Their Warranty Policy

Inquire about the company's product and service guarantees. Get a written copy of the warranty information, if applicable, if you ever need to use it.

Ask For References

Obtaining a few references will allow you to speak with the former customers of your contractor to see whether they were satisfied with the job performed. If they are unable or unwilling to give you references, be wary.

Check About the Project Completion Timeframe

Although the contractor might not give you an exact date, they should be able to provide you with a reasonable completion timeframe estimate. Ask the contractor how they ensure quality, scheduling, and proper management of the project. A credible company will always have project managers and on-site supervisors to handle these tasks. The project manager is the go-between and your single point of contact when the roof installation is in progress.

We at BeeBee Roofing & Contracting LLC can handle all types of roofing and roofing repair projects for you. For more details, please write to us via this Contact Us Form or call at 267-718-6931 and speak with our expert team.

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